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Significance of Rebar Detailing in any Construction Project

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Rebar is also called as reinforcement steel bar. It is the structural element used in a wide variety of structures. The steel bars have grooves and ridges, which helps in adhering to the concrete, so as to impart the desired shape to the structure. Rebar is made up of carbon steel and is popular because of its ductile nature. The bars can easily bend to ascertain a better fixing with the concrete structures.


Rebar detailing can be defined as the process in which, the framework of the whole building model is designed and all the individual components such as the beams, columns and walls etc. are represented. These rebar drawings are then used as a reference to be used in the actual construction processes.


The various rebar detailing services include:

  • Detailing of the beams and columns from longitudinal and cross sectional views
  • Detailing of steel bolt connections
  • Walls and foundation details
  • Slab and lintel designs
  • Rebar frame details
  • Rebar roof and truss details
  • Shop drawings
  • As built drawings
  • Placement drawings
  • Rebar bar bending schedules

The software tools used for rebar detailing are equipped with number of functionalities, so as to undertake the process in an easy and fast manner. The software programs have an extensive database of different rebar shapes, so that they can be added to the design automatically. This shortens the design cycle and increases the productivity of the whole architectural project.


Some of the other functions that can be done with the help of the rebar software are as follows:

  • The geometrical measurements can be undertaken in different systems such as softmetric, imperial and European metric systems.
  • The relations between the length and weight of the bar bending can effectively be managed.
  • Certain unknown bending dimensions can be calculated from the known measurements.
  • Statistical reports can be generated for any particular architectural project.
  • The bar lists can be generated.

The different software tools used for providing the rebar detailing services include AutoCAD, Tekla, RebarWin, ShearCAD, RebarCAD and Bentley Rebar etc. Well experienced and knowledgeable rebar detailers play a vital role in exploring the full functionalities of the software and ascertain the maximum accuracy of the rebar detailing process.

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